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That’s just demoralizing…

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Thanks to Ron with iHoopAround for showing me this. I generally hate the NBA, but if the LA Clippers are possibly a playoff threat then I’m somewhat interested. That and this dunk is pretty brutal.




– McGirk


To all eleven page visitors yesterday – Follow GoRA on Twitter

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@GallonsofRA . Let’s be friends.


Best explanation of why Ancient Aliens is garbage

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Courtesy of Reddit user StuporCollider:

It’s sloppy. It’s arrogant. It’s lazy. It’s a waste of time. It’s a waste of effort. It’s cynical, stupid, rancid shit.

I’m going to go get a drink of water and calm down and come back later to swear some more.

EDIT: BACK. So here’s the thing about Ancient Aliens and all the rest of that “mystery archaeology” shite. There’s a strong undercurrent of “not white, not modern, not possible” condescension that makes it unbearable. It’s shiftless, lazy, unscientific thinking by people who don’t understand the capabilities of the material, the technology, or the minds of the ancient brown people they’re patronizing.

Ding ding.

There’s another equally insidious aspect to the show as well. If I follow correctly, the basic premise is that aliens must be responsible for most of the great technological achievements of ancient man, because us in modern times can’t figure out how they figured it out in their much-less “advanced” times.

So, to break it down further, “we can’t explain it so aliens must have done it.”

Sounds an awful lot like, “we can’t explain it, so god must have done it.”

Would it be a stretch to say that Ancient Aliens is a veiled endorsement for creationism and other Christian-apologist pseudosciences? I’m comfortable saying it.  I would just ignore it if it were aired on, say, CBN (right after the Pat Robertson Xenophobic Hour), but on the HISTORY Channel? History = Facts (idealy)? I don’t appeciate being pandered to Disney.


Old memes are better when Immortal is in them

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I present to you, a meme as old as the internet itself: “Everything is better with Immortal in it”.

WHO IS IMMORTAL? Who are you?

Should you care about the music? Unless you’re my little brother stomping around the house screeching the lyrics to Storming through Red Clouds and Holocaustwinds (and if you are, that’s completely cool), there is probably no reason for you to care about Immortal. But why should you care about random pictures with Immortal photoshopped into them? Because it’s funny. And you’re a socialist if you don’t like fun. If this subject is old, boring, and well-trodden to you (like, 2 years old), then get off your computer and go do something else.

My favorite:

Others that are equally and absurdly awesome:

Previously mentioned song:


The reason YouTube was created:


Don’t trip, it’s still funny.


Trolling Domino’s Pizza

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So my friend Rich has an excessive amount of free time on his hands. Probably because Newport News, Virginia, is an awful hellhole of a place to live, with a total of five things to do, none of which don’t involve drinking to the point of pissing oneself.

Anywho, what’s a better use of idle time then trolling customers of Domino’s Pizza that think the best way to complain about shitty service is to tweet to the wrong Twitter handle?

Some quality examples, screenshots courtesy of Head of Rothchild:

Note the exchange between Rich and @xXxRated_ . Classic.

Go harass Rich on Twitter: @digitalbees.

Oh yeah, welcome to my blog. I love you