Anon finds evidence of Ron Paul’s ties to white supremacy

Uh oh.

I mean, whoops.

I woke up this morning to find this in my newsfeed. Which is funny to me, because I spent the previous evening drinking with my father, yelling at each other (in a loving way, of course) about politics and how Ron Paul won’t get any sort of nomination, but maybe he could have his platform adopted in part by Romney. I think the GOP is a sham, but it was refreshing to hear Ron Paul actually vocalize some, “inconvenient truths,” particularly in regard to the right’s ever-more-jingoistic view on foreign policy.

And then I see this:

From what I’ve seen, it’s the emails that implicate Ron and Rand Paul in making plans with members of James Kelso’s neo-Nazi political party, named the American Third Position. Kelso also apparently moderate for the Nazi website Stormfront (I’m not linking to it, Google it yourself.)

But, I ask, is it legit?

Here’s the full dump

The damning quotes from Kelso’s emails:

Ron Paul will be there Fri. afternoon. Want to meet up with him?” (in an email to a “Benjamin Franklin” regarding CPAC 2010. This is CPAC.)

“I’ll message to you much more about what we’ll be doing, including going to CPAC the weekend after AmRen. We’ll be meeting with Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Bill and I got to talk with Ron tonight by phone. Much more later, Jamie” (In an email to “C.E Whiteoak about attending AmRen. )

Ouch. Unless this guy is lying, which being a scumbag racist, he could be, it’s pretty damning evidence that the Paul’s cultivate a relationship with White Supremacists.

However, I was at first skeptical, as I thought that maybe this is a calculated move to completely write off any positions Paul has taken, so there is no motive for Romney (or, god forbid, Newt) to take them up.  Maybe it is. Although the Anonymous Twitter feed makes mention of it, I can’t seem to find where they even mention Ron Paul. So who knows who actually did the hacking.

I also found this little nugget from James Kelso:

I got to meet with and talk to Jesse Ventura in both conventions. Jesse’s brand new investigative TV show just debuted to the largest-ever first night audience on that network.”

Is The Body a racist?

What I think is scary about all of this is not who is purported to share these beliefs, but the fact that such organizations are making this kind of headway into infiltrating our political system. Makes me wonder if they haven’t already been nesting with our right-wingers for quite a long time.




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