So the government has a website dedicated to debunking conspiracy theories.


I’m just kidding. I don’t care if you believe in conspiracy theories, but if you really think Zeitgeist is legit, you need to spend an hour or so on Wikipedia reading up on, you know, facts.

Here, I found this for you. Thank me later.

Anywho, I found this while perusing the internet.

This comes off this site, which is a government site devoted to debunking popular conspiracy theories. Included are conspiracies about 9/11, the Moon landing, and the origin of AIDS. The site, which I think is ran by the US Department of State, fails to offer a thorough debunking of anything, only affording each conspiracy a brief text box.

On the 9/11 conspiracy theories, the site says this:

Dramatic, polarizing events often give rise to conspiracy theories, and the September 11 attacks were the most dramatic terrorist attacks in history. Nonsense about them abounds, especially in the popular video ‘Loose Change.’ 

There was no “controlled demolition” of the World Trade Center towers. Instead, the unprecedented attack by hijacked airliners full of jet fuel destroyed support pillars, loosened fireproofing insulation, and ignited fires that destroyed the twin towers. The collapse of the north tower heavily damaged World Trade Center 7, igniting fires and causing its collapse.

A hijacked plane, not a cruise missile, hit the Pentagon, as detailed in a photo gallery. Four thousand Jews did not miss work at the World Trade Center on September 11. And al-Qaida has admitted, many times, that it carried out the attacks.

On the Illuminati and the world economy:

“Economic conspiracy theories are often based on the false, but popular, idea that powerful individuals are motivated overwhelmingly by their desire for wealth, rather than the wide variety of human motivations we all experience. (This one-dimensional, cartoonish view of human nature is at the heart of Marxist ideology, which once held hundreds of millions under its sway.)

One fantasy, reflecting this simplistic, unimaginative way of interpreting human events, falsely claims that U.S. national security agencies employ ‘economic hit men’ to entrap countries with huge amounts of debt.

Within the United States, those who fear international influences may believe false stories that, with Canada and Mexico, the United States is replacing the dollar with a new ‘Amero’ currency, patterned after the Euro, or that the United States is sacrificing its sovereignty to an imaginary North American Union.”

On the Kennedy assassination:

Perhaps more conspiracy theories surround Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated President John Kennedy in 1963, than anyone in American history. The Soviet KGB, Cuba, the mafia, the CIA, and others have been blamed for killing Kennedy, but all evidence indicates that Oswald acted alone.”

The descriptions contains many links to other pages on the site, including this one, which specifically debunks Loose Change. In press release form, the popular documentary is called “amateurish” and is accused of making “very sloppy mistakes.”

Why am I posting about this? It’s not that I believe in conspiracy theories in one way or the other (History shows that the American Government has pulled hoaxes on it’s people before, but many of the current popular theories I think are simply ludicrous,) but is it strange that our government would take the time out to acknowledge the variety of accusations against it? Why would they want to call attention to the wrongdoing they are alleged to be involved in?

It’s pretty easy to explain this as an official measure to counter what endless internet groups have alleged. To stop the spread of misinformation. Still, I think it’s creepy. Big Brother offering an official take on the people’s questions, perhaps.

– McGirk


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