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I can’t help put post this, and you can’t help but look at it. It’s OK, this is the Internet.

All credit goes to The Kitten Covers, which has a bunch of these.

The ones I liked:


The Chronic?:

This is awesome:


Visit the site for 5 minutes you’ll never get back.

– McGirk


The racist nature of sign language?

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So yesterday, I was out at a bar, drinking cheap tallboys and eating free tater tots. Lazy Sunday, indeed.

So then a buddy of mine starts telling us about how he learned that American Sign Language is racist, and proceeded to show us how to say “Jew” in sign language (which, you guessed it, involves making a motion that evokes “money-grubbing”.)

Naturally, everyone else around called shenanigans on said claim. The buddy in question is also an avid believer of things like Ancient Aliens, so it’s not impossible to suggest that this claim would be, well, questionable.

As it turns out though, that very claim has been a topic of internet interest for years. Here’s comedian Russell Peters talking about the signs for “Jew.”

Apparently back in 2004, a hubub was caused when people insisted on making Sign Language “politically correct”, removing signs that can be construed as racist (another example being the sign for Asian, which I’m sure you can guess.) The hilarious thing, to me, is that people opposed changing the language, on the basis that it’s political correctness run amuk… wait, what?

A quote, should you not click on the article:

Critics labelled the move as silly, saying that the producers were interfering with “deaf culture”.


I noticed that this didn’t mention American Sign Language being changed, but British Sign Language. I can’t seem to find any article saying something similar about ASL, so I have to assume it hasn’t been changed. If anyone knows a deaf person, I’d like to directly confirm this. Because I find it interesting. Please and thank you.

How to Rick-Roll someone in ASL:

– McGirk


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There was a point were one of my favorite past-times was finding ska covers of pretty much every song ever written. Admittedly, I know little about “true” ska, but when I’m in the mood for it, there’s nothing quite like a good set of ska cuts.

There’s also nothing quite like already rad songs being re-radified, so today, up the ska? Here are some covers for your palette. Enjoy. Happy Sunday, try eating poached eggs for brunch, I hear they’re good with hollandaise.


This isn’t ska, but seriously, what the hell is this?:

Nonsense about nonsense movies

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If for no other reason than it would be hilarious:

I’m not sure where this comes from, I saw this thanks to a user on Reddit. Clearly, it’s fake, but imagine the possibility of how awful The Dark Knight would have been had Michael Bay helmed the film? Exactly, it’s a morbid curiosity.

Speaking of morbid curiosities, I’m sure you know that Mr. Bay is hard at work ruining our childhoods for further profit:

EDIT: Since the damn video won’t embed, here’s the link:

Yes, our beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will get the Transformers treatment, and no, it will not be easy to watch. But such is capitalism when applied to the movie business, which means that anything you ever loved about American culture will be repackaged and sold to you again… and if it’s Michael Bay doing the selling, it will be crass and unmercifully stupid, yet so many people will shell out money for it. Economics 101, the same reason the McRib comes back every November and people are actually still excited.

To further piss on your outlook, here are some other once-awesome movies getting the remake touch:

Akira (in live action)

American Psycho


Lethal Weapon (only if this is the remake)


There’s a ton more here, I don’t feel like finding all of the ones I think are incredibly stupid. Hollywood might as well bankroll Troll 2 Part 2oh wait….

– McGirk

Zen and the art of crippling writer’s block

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I think I see the difficulty in writing a blog with the intention of updating it every day. If you were paying attention, and I forgive you if you weren’t, I didn’t update GoRA yesterday. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t try, however.

Good god I tried. With subject ranging from laughing at dumb Ron Paul fans to the awesomeness of the Beastie Boys, to trying to discern what the hell the Venus Project is, I tried to post something yesterday. But I couldn’t find anything that I found interesting enough to follow through posting.

Gratutious picture of Ginger Zee, another blog post that didn’t make the cut:

This guy REALLY likes Ginger Zee.

Anywho, that’s my problem. I’m not sure exactly what to write about. But YOU CAN HELP. Donate me your idea. Tweet me @gallonsofra. Let’s be friends. Cool thanks.

– McGirk

My apology for thinking anything bad about Mr. Rogers

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When I was a young child, my mom always turned on PBS, and I thus spent my very young years watching shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. Unless your parents hated you and loathed your existence, you probably did too.

Then I got older. As cynicism creeped into my teenage existence, I decided that Mr. Rogers had to be an evil creepy guy, because there is no way anyone could be so calm and so genuinely nice to every single person in the world. Personally, I thought he had to be a kiddie diddler or a serial killer of some kind. You know, since priests, Boy Scout Leaders, and pretty much any other authority figure to children turned out to be one.

Remember this song? If you were a pissed off middle-schooler in the late 90’s, and didn’t have an older brother to inform you about Pantera or punk rock before embracing this stage in full, then you might know this song:

Now that I’m more of an adult than not, I believe I have come around. Korn is lame anyways.

Besides, as it turns out, Mr. Rogers was a genuinely awesome person. You can’t fake Koko the Gorilla loving you. Also, perhaps Rick Santorum could take a lesson from Fred Rogers. After all, even in his devotion to God (or rather, as part of it,) Mr. Rogers told the children that were his viewers that “I like you just the way you are.” Every day, without fail. He didn’t use his show as a platform to preach, rather “Fred was not there to dispense lessons and rules. He was there to be a grace note in children’s lives.”

So today, I have to apologize that I ever doubted you, Mr. Rogers. It’s comforting to know that even in a world full of nonsense and blatant failure of basic human decency, you were actually what you presented yourself to be. We all may forget what you tried to show us from time to time, but the fact that you showed us at all… awesome.

So FUCK THIS (Classic Fox News nonsense):

We could use more of this now:

I can’t decide if posting the Epic Rap Battles of History with Mr. Rogers would be humorous or tasteless, so look it up if you want (hint: Mr. Rogers wins)

– McGirk

Kony 2012 founder busted for drunkenly masturbating in public

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Didn’t believe that Kony 2012 was nonsense? I’m sure you may still think that the “cause” is legit, but if your leader is caught on a bender masturbating and vandalizing cars…  point proven.


 A co-founder of Invisible Children, the group behind the “KONY 2012” video on alleged atrocities by an African warlord, was detained after a witness reported a man masturbating and acting strangely, reported.

Jason Russell was detained after a man was reported masturbating in public, vandalizing cars and possibly under the influence of something, said police Lt. Andra Brown, reported.

Why this is even more amusing.

Try as you might, it’s hard to gain national attention for an altruistic cause AND be a scumbag at the same time.

– McGirk