Today, we view hockey fights.

Just in case you didn’t know, the NHL playoffs are in full swing (LETS GO CAPS!) If you’ve watched any of the games of the first round, you might have noticed that the refs are doing a terrible job calling penalties fairly. You might have also noticed that everyone is, for the most part, beating the shit out of one another.

It is in the spirit of this that I, McGirk, have compiled the best hockey fights I can find on YouTube into one convenient blog post. Really, this serves more as an excuse to watch an excessive amount of violence, but damn it, it’s hockey. Where else will you find millionaires who refuse to fix their busted grilles? Exhibit A, the Cap’s own Alexander Ovechkin:

Speaking of the Caps, did you know Alexander Semin is an awful fighter?

Next time, leave it to Jason Chimera:

Here’s a fun amount of ridiculousness. including a goalie fight:

Suck it Boston. Speaking of teams that suck, it’s always fun to watch the Pens to get the shit kicked out of them. Especially by a team like the Islanders:

Let’s give in to your lurid curiosity. Here’s a compilation of some sweet knockouts:

There’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to this. If you need a reason to kill some time, it should do the trick.


P.S This has nothing to do with hockey, but here’s Kimbo Slice beating some scrub up:

And here’s Kimbo Slice getting knocked out in 14 seconds:

Why? Because this is my blog, suckas.


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