Do people really believe this?

Do they? For real?

Wayne Gary, Richardson, Tx:

“HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF! Ted Nugent has been harassed, bullied, intimidated and persecuted because he is outspoken about the Obama regime! During the Nazi’s reign of terror those who were the most outspoken were also tortured, raped and executed “legally.” Are you scared? You should be! First the Antichrist’s will come for Ted and other noble, honorable and courageous men and women, and then they will come for you unless you are willing to accept the mark of Obama/Satan, and give your total allegiance to him! And what will that do for you? But maybe provide you some time, minor temporary comfort, and an eternity of weeping and gnashing of teeth unless you repent. Don’t ever forget, you may befriend Satan/Obama, but he hates you with every fiber in his being, and when he is done using you, he will take you out without mercy and extreme prejudice. Note: Hitler committed suicide. When the Russians stormed into Germany, they brutally raped 2 million German women. 1 in 10 of those women committed suicide. No doubt many of those women once gleefully cheered/chanted “heil Hilter” with such enthusiasm and vigor, the same way many chanted “yes we can” in 2008 for Barak Hussein Obama. After the German women gave their total allegiance to Hitler, what did he do for them in their time of extreme need? What could he do for them? Nothing! And what will your Mein Fuhrer Obama do for you in your time of need when the days and nights turn black with unspeakable misery and suffering? Nothing! Obamaities; don’t confuse this time of “Obama money” for a time in the near future when you are digging holes in the ground for grub worm meals!”

Protip: Peruse the Patriot Action Network if you want to see some of the really stupid/scary shit people type. A cursory visit shows that they keep the insanity off of their front page now, but it’s unbelievable, and still there.

– McGirk


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