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Zen and the art of crippling writer’s block

Posted in I Ramble with tags , , on March 20, 2012 by mickgirk

I think I see the difficulty in writing a blog with the intention of updating it every day. If you were paying attention, and I forgive you if you weren’t, I didn’t update GoRA yesterday. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t try, however.

Good god I tried. With subject ranging from laughing at┬ádumb Ron Paul fans to the awesomeness of the Beastie Boys, to trying to discern what the hell the Venus Project is, I tried to post something yesterday. But I couldn’t find anything that I found interesting enough to follow through posting.

Gratutious picture of Ginger Zee, another blog post that didn’t make the cut:

This guy REALLY likes Ginger Zee.

Anywho, that’s my problem. I’m not sure exactly what to write about. But YOU CAN HELP. Donate me your idea. Tweet me @gallonsofra. Let’s be friends. Cool thanks.

– McGirk