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The Beatles Redux… what?

Posted in Newz, Quit It with tags , , , on April 3, 2012 by mickgirk

So, hey, breaking news: Can you imagine The Beatles’ brand being revived for a new run with a new generation?

Sounds like sacrilege? But of course. Nevertheless, James McCartney, son of Sir Paul, has hinted at a possible formation of a new band, called “The Beatles – The Next Generation

Apparently, someone forgot to tell Mr. McCartney that April Fools Day has already passed. Someone else is probably in his ear that this is a fantastic idea. In the same way that Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park was such a cool idea. Or the Star Wars Christmas Special:

So, to recap. This guy:

wants to restart the Beatles. With Zak Starkey on drums, Dhani Harrison on guitar, and, of course, Sean Lennon pretending to be John Lennon.

Like this, for The Beatles

Technically, if anyone is allowed to do this, it’s these guys. After all, they are all sons of the original group. But still, what kind of idea is this? Couldn’t these people at least choose a different band name? No?

To be fair, Dhani Harrison did play guitar on a Wu-Tang song. And Wu-Tang is both for the kids and forever:

But other than that, ummm… this is what James McCartney does:

I guess that’s not terrible, but it sounds like coasting off of an already well-tread style and famous heritage to me. Which is also what this “band” idea sounds like to me, collecting an easy couple of millions for a shameless cop-out. I guess good for them, but infinite bad karma forever if they go through with this. The Beatles had their chance, fellas. Let it go.

And whoever pays to see this shlock is probably the same kind of person who watched Sarah Palin on the Today Show this morning… a total jerkoff.

– McGirk


Palin sells out her followers, lololol

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Anyone familiar with the workings of 24/7 news networks know the equivalency argument leveled by ardent viewers of channels like Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN. The concept is that it’s OK if a channel such as Fox espouses largely conservative views and talking points, because MSNBC supposedly balances it out by doing the same thing for liberal views. Where CNN falls in this I’m not sure, although they would probably have more time to pursue an agenda if they would just quit surfing Twitter whilst on-air.

This false equivalence is simply bullshit. MSNBC may be “liberal,” but to say they even play in the same ballpark is nonsense. For starters, compare Wikipedia entries for Fox News Controversies vs. MSNBC Controversies. Notice which one is longer. No doubt that this isn’t a foolproof comparison (it’s Wikipedia, you know this, mannn), but it’s a starting place.

So when I see (on CNN no less) that the gift that keeps on giving that is Sarah Palin is hosting the Today Show on NBC tomorrow, I have to laugh.

Apparently, the move is designed to compete with Katie Couric guest hosting on Good Morning America. Having viewed this guest hosting today, I can personally tell you that won’t take much to compete. But that said, really? Hire the woman who has been on a Katie Couric hate-trip ever since she was exposed by her as, to put it nicely, not keen on current events? That’s a little cynical, no?

Just in case you forgot said interview:

Anywho, my point is this: A woman who has made a career of perpetuating the myth of a “mainstream media” is now appearing on the flagship show of that exact media. MSM and NBC obviously isn’t TOO bad for one Mrs. Palin. So anyone buying into her verbal vomit about the “lamestream media”  being biased against her… your hero has sold you out, suckers. The fact that anyone fell for her in the first place is what disgusts me.

– McGirk

Digg is good for something (ThinkProgress probably still isn’t)

Posted in I Ramble You Decide, Newz with tags , on March 13, 2012 by mickgirk

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything on Digg that is relevant to my interests. Or, at least, I hadn’t already seen somewhere else on the internet. This article is a quick blurb on why Digg is no longer useful.

However, in my endless quest to use the internet while drinking a lot of black coffee, I discovered an interesting development in a story that has probably been beaten to death. It’s cool, I talked about it too.

So, our old friend Pillbo Baggins is still dealing with the fallout from his ridiculously ignorant comments about birth control. According to an article from ThinkProgress, a total of 140 companies have suspended their advertising from his show, including big names like Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, IBM, and others that are more of a staple on The Fat One’s show, such as Carbonite.

Sorry, I can't help myself.

Here’s the part I found interesting, though. The article links to this, which is a memo that declares that spots will be not only be banned from running on Rush’s show, but also from other “controversial” shows, such as Michael Savage, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity.

I so badly want to believe that these douchebags are finally getting the monetary kick in the nuts they deserve. However, this probably isn’t accurate. Why?

ThinkProgress is sort of like the left-wing version of sites The information they provide is usually heavily biased, and thus, heavily wrong. In this case, the site they link to as a “source?” It’s a cached page from four days ago, on some site that looks like they really have it out to boycott right-wing talk show hosts. It’s probably not credible. Just like most things ThinkProgress posts.

So why bother talking about it? Because I wonder, if this information were at least somewhat true, if a boycott like this would be enough to undo a media power like Rush Limbaugh? Apparently, his approval numbers have slipped some 30 points in his fan-heavy states like Mississippi, but would the squeeze placed on him by an advertising boycott be enough to reverse the effect of 15 million listeners a week and kick him off of the air?

I dunno. Maybe we’ll find out.


Was Osama Bin Laden not buried at sea? (and other tales from WikiLeaks)

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This just in from a Pakinstan-based website. It’s a short story, so I’m just going to quote the whole thing:

Washington—Al-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden, who was killed on May 02 last year in US Special Forces operation in Abbottabad, was not buried at sea but his body was shifted to the military mortuary in Dover, claimed a report on Monday.

The Strat for analysts did not believe that Osama bin Laden was buried at sea, according to Stratfor emails leaked by WikiLeaks. According to leaked secret files of Statfor, a US security agency, Osama was not buried at sea in an Islamic ceremony but his body was shifted to the military mortuary in Dover, DE, on a CIA plane.

Then it was shifted to the medical institute of US armed forces in Maryland for examination. At 5:26 a.m. on May 2, the morning after Barack Obama announced the successful raid on Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound, Stratfor CEO George Friedman sent an email that said: “Reportedly, we took the body with us. Thank goodness.” Fred Burton, Stratfor’s vice president for intelligence, followed that up at 5:51 a.m. with an email titled “(alpha) Body bound for Dover, DE on CIA plane” that said: “Than (sic) onward to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Bethesda.” —INP

There were no sources for this story, which I found automatically suspicious and non-believable, but then I saw the reference to Stratfor CEO George Friedman. Remember this?

Apparently, people have put in some work examining the WikiLeaks dump, and now some interesting things are coming from the contents of said emails. This allegation that the CIA did not throw Osama Bin Laden’s body into the sea, but rather shipped it to a military morgue in Dover, DE, is only one of them. Here is a more detailed report of above story.

Other allegations:

Pakistani officials knew Bin Laden was in Abbottabad (derp)

Department of Homeland Security was monitoring Occupy Wall Street protests (derp)

“Assange is going to make a nice bride in prison. Screw the terrorist. He’ll be eating cat food forever.”

Russia sold weapons to Iran, but then gave the security codes to Israel (I don’t understand, but that’s an odd indictment)

My opinion? None of these allegations are really that interesting. I find the big picture, however, to be the most interesting story to thus far come out of the WikiLeaks dump. Amy Goodman of the Guardian calls this whole episode a “disturbingly vivid picture of the intelligence-industrial complex.” This is the WikiLeaks take on their initiative, called “The Global Intelligence Files.” That’s where you can find most of the sources, and stay current on what’s been released. Who knows, maybe something undeniably horrified will come out of the dump.

If I get more time, I’ll check it and see if I find anything interesting.


WikiLeaks publishes email dump, will anyone care?

Posted in Newz with tags , , on February 27, 2012 by mickgirk

So today, WikiLeaks is back in action, and they are in the process of publishing more than 5 million internal emails from Texas-based global intelligence company Stratfor.

According to a press release from WikiLeaks, the dump will show “how a private intelligence agency works, and how they target individuals for their corporate and government clients.” They claim that after a careful search through the contents of the emails, corporate corruption and manipulation of key parties globally will be exposed and impossible to ignore.

Will that be the case, though? Looking at reactions online, reception of the dump seems to be a mix between an optimism that this dump will reveal something juicy (although no one is quite sure what, guesses on Business Insider range from something to do with oil in Iran to the crashing of the Japanese Yen.

Actually, one poster, Mikent, had something to say that caught my eye:

“Ever since they put Julian Assange on ice last year, I’ve wondered what really  happened. When Wikileaks exposed the Defense Department’s Iraq helicopter attack  video, and followed with the release of secret State Department cables, nothing  happened to Assange or his organization. But as soon as Wikileaks previewed a  Bank of America confidential email release, which Assange himself said would put  people at the top in prison, all Hell broke loose. Assange was suddenly a Most  Wanted Man by Interpol. The Swedes suddenly wanted him extradited from England  for sex charges. He was placed under house arrest at a rural manor house, exiled  and basically cut off from Wikileaks and society in general. A smear campaign  was waged by the press upon his character. And didn’t his second in command at  Wikileaks announce that he had destroyed the BOA emails ? It all reads like a  Robert Ludlum novel. I guess my question is, is Assange involved in this  ‘release’, or is it coming from a reconstituted Wikileaks, in which case I smell  mis – dis – information.”

I don’t think that is a bad guess at all. I’ll be watching this story, and we’ll see if anything juicy comes out of this, or if this leak is about as effectual as the Bank of America leak (meaning, not at all.)


Maybe I spoke too soon…

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As all five of you might recall, I really want to do a documentary about Limp Bizkit. It is my life’s work. I talked to the same god that Rick Santorum talks to, and that’s what he told me to do. So there.

But alas, I believe my timing is off of the mark. Considering that Limp Bizkit just signed with Cash Money Records.

Yeah, this Cash Money Records:

Just kidding. It’s this one:

So um, how’s that going work? Probably a little better than one might imagine, as I seem to recall that Lil Wayne likes the rock music these days. So at least they might have some fun together, and really, who can really begrudge that? I play in a shitty punk rock band, no one’s paying me to have fun writing terrible songs. So congrats to Limp Bizkit, now there’s an extra chapter to my inevitable documentary and this pairing will probably give me and every other metal blogger (I’m looking right at you MetalSucks) material for months to come.

So look for more of this, except it won’t be Method Man making something out of nothing. TICAAAL TICAAAL


Chi Cheng is waking up from 4-year coma

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I knew it was going to be a good day.

Chi Cheng, the bassist from the Deftones that was in a “terrible car accident” in 2008, is now showing signs of waking up after 4 years in a coma.

This video shows him moving his leg:

The description on the video says Cheng is “minimally conscious.” So obviously, he’s got a long way to go. Still, it’s great to hear that someone who has, for all practical purposes, been dead for the past 4 years is showing signs of improving. I grew up loving the Deftones, I learned this guy’s bass lines. I’m stoked.

To find out more, check out One Love for Chi. Unfortunately, their donation tab is showing that they’ve only got 7 percent of the $250,000 goal for Chi’s medical expenses. Hopefully, this good news will spur more people to donate.

On a side note, Deftones, one of these days I want to hear Eros. Just saying.

– McGirk