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How much sugar do you consume?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on March 14, 2012 by mickgirk

So I found this site, It’s offers a visual representation of how much sugar is in everyday things that the average American consumes. They don’t specify between types of sugar (high fructose corn syrup vs. natural sugar, for example,) so it’s not a 100% accurate site. But if you didn’t feel bad about what kind of stuff you put in your body before, you might after perusing this site.

Some examples:



Mountain Dew:


Red Bull:


Orange Juice?


Power Bar:




BBQ Sauce:


…which is about the same as:


I was hoping to see things I consume more than this stuff, like PBR, or Tombstone Pizzas, or tuna … things like that.


Still though, terrifying.

– McGirk



Weird social networks that actually exist

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Is using Facebook bumming you out, because all you see on your newsfeed are stupid pictures of cats, religious rants, or horrible retellings of sloppy drunk evenings that are only interesting to the person that lived it? Not to worry, the internet is here to alleviate your social networking woes. Be bored no more, friends.

Here’s are some lesser-known sites for you to network on:

1) JuggaloBook

Featured on MetalSucks recently, JuggaloBook allows you to whoop whoop with your homies on the interwebs. It looks like this:

Fuck a timeline, son, get down with your inner clown.

2) Date Edge 

Tired of using Facebook only to find out everyone you want to engage in relations with is a sloppy drunk? Want to maintain edge and listen to Champion records with that special someone? Date Edge is exactly what it sounds like and is probably for you. It seems kind of exclusive, though, so hopefully you’re more edge than everyone else.

3) Stache Passions

Do you want to have legendary facial hair like this guy?

Then you should get off of the internet and comb your beard dude. But if that’s not in the cards, visit Stache Passions and talk to other people that are supremely interested in their physical appearance. To be fair, crazy facial hair is, in fact, totally rad.

4) VampireFreaks

Yeah, this is old news. In fact, this is on the list because I’m more surprised that this still exists. But if Bebo is still around, why not VampireFreaks?

Unfortunately for them, I think they have a bad rap for kids who like to muder things liking their site.

But let’s be fair. Most murderers who use the internet are on Facebook or Twitter. Suck on that.

But yeah, that one person you know that says that they like BDSM and still live at their parent’s house even as they creep up on 30 years old? Probably on this site.

5) MySpace



Ok, I’m bored of this post. You get the idea. There’s a community for everything, so go enjoy being a unique snowflake in some recess of the internet, where no one will find you until you resurface years later. Thank you and good day.


To all eleven page visitors yesterday – Follow GoRA on Twitter

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@GallonsofRA . Let’s be friends.