You Fail Me

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(Hi everyone, I’ll be posting some rants on here too, deal with it)

Last week, I went to see one of my favorite bands, Converge, play live at Kingdom (formerly Alley Katz) here in Richmond. This was my 4th time seeing them (2nd time that I didn’t get black out drunk during their set) and overall it was one of their best. Guitarist Kurt Ballou, bass player Nate Newton, and drummer Ben Koller are some of the tightest musicians in hardcore/metal/whatever. For playing as complicated music as they do, they nail it. Ever. Single. Time. Starting off the set with the 11+ minute title track from their landmark album “Jane Doe” set the stage for and incredible night of killer tunes.

All that being said, one thing kept nagging at me, and continues to nag at me a week afterwards: Jacob Bannon. Renowned as one of the great lyricists in hardcore with one of the most vicious voices, on record he is a show stopper. In a live setting, however, things get spotty. Not so much that his scream suffers live, far from it. He sounds just as pissed off as he does on the albums. The bigger problem is that he hardly screams at all during their performances. Aside from some newer songs, he screamed sporadically through their older material, opting to let the crowd scream most of the words.

Now, I don’t have a problem with crowd participation, especially when it’s a band whose lyrics are tattooed on a good portion of their fan base. It’s all well and good to acknowledge the fans and let them sing along to their favorite parts. However, Mr. Bannon uses this trope a little too often, and he comes off as a lazy singer who would rather let the crowd be the frontman and himself stagger around making dramatic gestures. My biggest peeve was the parts where he didn’t sing anything or let the crowd sing, just wandering around swinging the mic and flailing his arms. If I didn’t know he was straight-edge, I would have assumed he was on another planet of fucked up.

There could be a number of reasons why he chooses to do this. After all, he has been fronting Converge for the past 20 years, screaming his guts out and running around like a maniac. He can’t realistically be expected to be the same whirling dervish that he was when “Jane Doe” was released. However (and this may sound selfish, but fuck you, this is my rant), I’m paying money to see YOU and hear YOU perform YOUR songs. It feels like a cop out when you only scream over certain parts and leave the rest to the audience. Take care of your damn voice, dude. Haven’t you built up some stamina by now? You might as well have set up the mic pointing towards the crowd and walked off stage. It’s distracting and, frankly, really annoying.

I love seeing my favorite bands live because I want to see them play the songs I listen to on a regular basis. I don’t want to end up watching Converge karaoke where every single person in the front few rows gets a line to sing from every song. It’s OK to let the crowd chime in on a few parts but come on. You are the vocalist, so vocalize.
Other than that, the show ruled. The End.


The best infographic ever

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Literally, folks. This infographic pretty much sums up arguing on the internet, as well as why 24/7 cable news is usually not the most accurate vehicle for news around.

Read it and weep:

Courtesy of As you were, trolls.

– McGirk

Back from the dead to laugh at the music industry

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Not that you’ve noticed, but I haven’t updated this site in a week. Why? That’s a good question.

But I’m back. Today MetalSucks hosted a video from Metal Injection, which features a handful of metal’s music industry types talking about how the internet changed metal (and, in the bigger picture, the music industry as a whole.) It’s slightly insightful, although not really, since these guys are regurgitating things we already know.

In fact, their narrative in this video simply establishes that, even if the music industry has reluctantly embraced some aspects of new media, they still have a fatal flaw in their viewpoint on how the music industry works today. Namely, they still blame you and me, the consumer, for why things aren’t the way they used to be (a world where “rock stars” exist.)


This guy:

… will never happen again.

OK, I get that people were making money off of their music, and will certainly attempt to maintain to do so in the face of record sales that are a sliver of the 90’s. But so what? The common man now has the same platform to put work out there as Sony and Warner Bros., and considering how much corporate music practices bent us over to pay for excess over and over again, I have no problem watching them burn.

Days of vastly overpriced CD’s will not be missed. Music won’t die because it’s not a viable career choice. If you love it, you will still create it. Period. There are examples of smaller music-based businesses achieving financial success today (go look it up,)  so I don’t think music will go away because it will be harder to finance blitz campaigns for the latest fad. As for the now generic charge of internet users “stealing’ music, never mind that the industry made ungodly amounts ripping off their fanbase endlessly, and now they reap what they sow. The free trade of ideas is not new to mankind, but the setup of our current views on intellectual property, by comparison, is. It seems completely possible to me that the free trade of music is the natural order of our consumption of the aural arts. Organizations like the RIAA are the abberation in the equation, able to come into existence thanks to a figurative Rubik’s Cube lining up in their favor. Unfortunately for them, technology may have truly rendered them obsolete this time (not like the invention of CD-R’s or cassettes.)

My grand prediction, however, is that the RIAA won’t die, and in 10 years we will be laughing about ever thinking they could. File sharing still has the same basic problem as CD-R’s and recording albums to cassette tapes; the consistency of the product. As in, you never know if you’re going to download a good copy of the album you want, much like you never know if the CD-R you get is out of order or sounds like shit. Enter Spotify. An alternative to downloading, you can simply stream anything you want to listen to on Spotify, for free or for a nominal monthly fee. With it being completely legal AND picking up in popularity, it’s a no-brainer that this is the future of music distribution. By making it both easier to use than file sharing and guaranteeing the audio quality of the music you hear, it effectively makes downloading mp3’s obsolete.

Now, how industry giants can maintain their mortgages on their super-swank homes with the little money in royalties Spotify generates remains to be seen, but I won’t cry if the future of music distribution places professionals in the same realm as us, living in shit-to-decent conditions making enough money to order a pizza once in awhile.

Basically, long live the internet, and I’m fine with the RIAA burning down to the ground. We don’t need no water.

Here’s the video:

– McGirk

Paul still doesn’t get it

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So back in February, I wrote a little blog post, imploring internet losers like Paul Christoforo and Dr. Lou to quit it. If you scroll down to the comments section, you can see that Paul took it personally (and missed my message entirely,) accusing me of flipping burgers for a living and threatening to sue me for defamation of character.

Despite being entertained by Paul’s puffery and ignorance of both the law and properly expressing oneself, I almost felt a little guilty for my post. Almost like I pointed at a kid on the short bus and laughed at him for being stupid. After all, Paul had been well-castigated for his poor choices, why join in with one more relatively small jab in the balls? Regardless, the point I made in that post is that people that don’t understand the Internet need to stop trying to fool it, or play it for fools. Especially if the IQ of said loser is well below the IQ of the average Twitter-er.

But, as Paul has recently demonstrated, a shit leopard cannot change it’s spots.

So what did he do to be a dumdum now? 

If you recall, ol’ boy claimed that he could get into PAX East whenever he wanted, whether or not the event organizers wanted him to. You know, because he’s hot shit? In case you don’t recall:

So anywho, Paul tweeted a series of photos from PAX East, and claimed it was in fact him on the show floor.

One thing though. As it turns out, the event organizers, wanting to play a joke on ol’ boy, took the pictures and sent them to Paul in a message, expect him to turn around and take credit for the photos. Which he did. It’s all detailed on the Twitter account for the event.

So obviously, now ol’ boy is reveling in hordes of Twitter users telling him how much he sucks for taking the bait and being an asshole once again. I probably should have ascertained by now that Paul is such an attention whore that he’s willing to do dumb things to get noticed by the Internet, but I’ve always had the nagging feeling that this dude really knows not what he does, and is that misguided on how to maintain any sort of career.

Anywho, for anyone trying to not crash and burn online like Paul, DON’T TRY AND FOOL THE INTERNET. If you have to go on tirades on how awesome you are, you’re probably not. Common sense. But if you must lie to online denizens, at least be somewhat more clever at it. For example, trying to fool people that naturally know more about computers than the average guy (gamers)? Not smart. Ok thank you come again.


The Beatles Redux… what?

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So, hey, breaking news: Can you imagine The Beatles’ brand being revived for a new run with a new generation?

Sounds like sacrilege? But of course. Nevertheless, James McCartney, son of Sir Paul, has hinted at a possible formation of a new band, called “The Beatles – The Next Generation

Apparently, someone forgot to tell Mr. McCartney that April Fools Day has already passed. Someone else is probably in his ear that this is a fantastic idea. In the same way that Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park was such a cool idea. Or the Star Wars Christmas Special:

So, to recap. This guy:

wants to restart the Beatles. With Zak Starkey on drums, Dhani Harrison on guitar, and, of course, Sean Lennon pretending to be John Lennon.

Like this, for The Beatles

Technically, if anyone is allowed to do this, it’s these guys. After all, they are all sons of the original group. But still, what kind of idea is this? Couldn’t these people at least choose a different band name? No?

To be fair, Dhani Harrison did play guitar on a Wu-Tang song. And Wu-Tang is both for the kids and forever:

But other than that, ummm… this is what James McCartney does:

I guess that’s not terrible, but it sounds like coasting off of an already well-tread style and famous heritage to me. Which is also what this “band” idea sounds like to me, collecting an easy couple of millions for a shameless cop-out. I guess good for them, but infinite bad karma forever if they go through with this. The Beatles had their chance, fellas. Let it go.

And whoever pays to see this shlock is probably the same kind of person who watched Sarah Palin on the Today Show this morning… a total jerkoff.

– McGirk

Palin sells out her followers, lololol

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Anyone familiar with the workings of 24/7 news networks know the equivalency argument leveled by ardent viewers of channels like Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN. The concept is that it’s OK if a channel such as Fox espouses largely conservative views and talking points, because MSNBC supposedly balances it out by doing the same thing for liberal views. Where CNN falls in this I’m not sure, although they would probably have more time to pursue an agenda if they would just quit surfing Twitter whilst on-air.

This false equivalence is simply bullshit. MSNBC may be “liberal,” but to say they even play in the same ballpark is nonsense. For starters, compare Wikipedia entries for Fox News Controversies vs. MSNBC Controversies. Notice which one is longer. No doubt that this isn’t a foolproof comparison (it’s Wikipedia, you know this, mannn), but it’s a starting place.

So when I see (on CNN no less) that the gift that keeps on giving that is Sarah Palin is hosting the Today Show on NBC tomorrow, I have to laugh.

Apparently, the move is designed to compete with Katie Couric guest hosting on Good Morning America. Having viewed this guest hosting today, I can personally tell you that won’t take much to compete. But that said, really? Hire the woman who has been on a Katie Couric hate-trip ever since she was exposed by her as, to put it nicely, not keen on current events? That’s a little cynical, no?

Just in case you forgot said interview:

Anywho, my point is this: A woman who has made a career of perpetuating the myth of a “mainstream media” is now appearing on the flagship show of that exact media. MSM and NBC obviously isn’t TOO bad for one Mrs. Palin. So anyone buying into her verbal vomit about the “lamestream media”  being biased against her… your hero has sold you out, suckers. The fact that anyone fell for her in the first place is what disgusts me.

– McGirk

I am not funny enough to fool you

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Really, I’m not.

I was going to post today about questions of whether or not even our Supreme Court Judges have been influenced by 24/7 news cycle talking points (specifically with regards to the Supreme Court debate over that which hath been dubbed “Obamacare” by idiots and Pharmaceutical lobbyists)

But no. Maybe some other day. Until then, turn into a fool by watching the entire Trailer Park Boys series on YouTube. Yeah, the whole thing. If you’ve never seen this show before, you’re 7-10 years behind the curve and you owe it to yourself. Don’t thank me all at once.

The first and (most applicable episode) I watched:

By the way, there’s a nor’easter coming. I hope you don’t live in Virginia.