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Getting your political discourse from YouTube is infuriating

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 Hey! Guess what really grinds my gears?

If you guessed “reading comments on political videos on YouTube,” you are absolutely right. I award you nothing.

Seriously though, in between reading nonsense on YouTube and arguing nonsense on other sites that I once thought were immune to the spread of dumb, I now have a clearer picture about how far and wide stupid hath spread today. Like, wow dude.

Let’s get angry together:

This is a video about reporters at FOX affiliate in Florida being stonewalled after putting together a story that reveals the health risks behind a growth hormone used in cows to produce more milk. According to the story, corporate giant Monsanto pushed the hormone through the FDA, pretty much buying everyone off so they could use this hormone on their livestock. After the story was completed, FOX’s corporate offices, under pressure from Monsanto’s lawyers, prevented the story from ever making it to air.

This video is on the frontpage of Reddit this morning, although it’s been making the rounds for some time now. The video accuses FOX of pressuring the reporters into amending their story so it doesn’t implicate Monsanto in such a harsh fashion, as well as bribing them to cease work on the story entirely. I question some aspects of said video: The video does a lot to make the viewer think that this story would be shown on FNC, the 24/7 cable news network, not WTVT, a FOX affiliate in Tampa Bay. Furthermore, even if the affiliate is directly owned by one Rupert Murdoch, does Monsanto’s threats of pulling advertising only qualify for WTVT, or News Corp. as a whole? I wonder…

Meanwhile, here’s some of the deep thoughts other YouTube users articulated:

“the closet communists commenting on this video make me sick, i wish we still had McCarthyism in the united states” –10krnr

“Monsanto = sionist company” – DailionDos

This video is fairly tame when it comes to rampant idiocy in the comment section. Let’s examine some others.

It’s common knowledge that the internet is the breeding ground for Ron Paul supporters. If you take their claims at face value, Ron Paul is actually beating Mitt Romney in the delegate count for the 2012 GOP race, or at least has a shot to. To be fair, even the Guardian has reported this. It’s pretty clear that Ron Paul is winning the battle for hearts and minds online (even though he’s a Nazi,) but doing so causes a lot of feathers to be ruffled. Just look to YouTube to see how –

“Bill O’Reilly is an American hero. Ron Paul is a terrorist.” – ju88ff

“Bill is a greasy faggot that felches his boyfriend Mitt Romney.Shoot the fucker!!!” – Warmachine05450

That’s nice.

So yeah, I get it, people are trolls, for the lulz, lolol, whatever. People also have the freedom to express themselves however they see fit. But IF there is a conspiracy to control the thoughts of the public at large, and turn us all into drooling idiots who only eat FrankenFoods and will follow our politicans off of ledges, then rhetoric like this on public websites like YouTube doesn’t help the public in not being figuratively enslaved.

Think before you type, assholes.



My apology for thinking anything bad about Mr. Rogers

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When I was a young child, my mom always turned on PBS, and I thus spent my very young years watching shows like Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. Unless your parents hated you and loathed your existence, you probably did too.

Then I got older. As cynicism creeped into my teenage existence, I decided that Mr. Rogers had to be an evil creepy guy, because there is no way anyone could be so calm and so genuinely nice to every single person in the world. Personally, I thought he had to be a kiddie diddler or a serial killer of some kind. You know, since priests, Boy Scout Leaders, and pretty much any other authority figure to children turned out to be one.

Remember this song? If you were a pissed off middle-schooler in the late 90’s, and didn’t have an older brother to inform you about Pantera or punk rock before embracing this stage in full, then you might know this song:

Now that I’m more of an adult than not, I believe I have come around. Korn is lame anyways.

Besides, as it turns out, Mr. Rogers was a genuinely awesome person. You can’t fake Koko the Gorilla loving you. Also, perhaps Rick Santorum could take a lesson from Fred Rogers. After all, even in his devotion to God (or rather, as part of it,) Mr. Rogers told the children that were his viewers that “I like you just the way you are.” Every day, without fail. He didn’t use his show as a platform to preach, rather “Fred was not there to dispense lessons and rules. He was there to be a grace note in children’s lives.”

So today, I have to apologize that I ever doubted you, Mr. Rogers. It’s comforting to know that even in a world full of nonsense and blatant failure of basic human decency, you were actually what you presented yourself to be. We all may forget what you tried to show us from time to time, but the fact that you showed us at all… awesome.

So FUCK THIS (Classic Fox News nonsense):

We could use more of this now:

I can’t decide if posting the Epic Rap Battles of History with Mr. Rogers would be humorous or tasteless, so look it up if you want (hint: Mr. Rogers wins)

– McGirk