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Choice selections of art from John Baizely

Posted in heavy noises with tags , , , , on April 24, 2012 by mickgirk

If you listen to heavy music and don’t know who John Baizely is, you need to get edumacated. Here’s an idea, drop your Metallica records and start listening to Baroness, for starters. Here, I even found something cool you might not have heard, even you do like Baroness. Thank me later:

Ok, you’ve listened to all of that? Great. Now, if you have paid any attention to metal album artwork, you may have noticed that a lot of it, while looking totally cool, looks awfully similar. That’s because it’s all done by Mr. Baizely. Feast your eyes:

Pig Destroyer- Phantom Limb

Baroness- Red Album

Baroness- Blue Record

Darkest Hour- Deliver Us

Kvelertak- s/t

Black Tusk- Taste The Sin

Word. Check out his full portfolio here. Baroness has a new record dropping this summer, perhaps you should check that out too.