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The lack of inspiration is the real killer

Posted in watching videos on the internet is fun with tags , , on May 19, 2012 by mickgirk

Ok, ok, for the five of you that read (my favorite group of five people ever,) I’m sorry about the lack of updates. Simply put, there hasn’t been much I want to write about, even though there is still an excessive amount of nonsense taking place that I should¬†care about.

In the spirit of not being a quitting fucking loser, I’m bringing this blog back to constant updating. I’ll be spamming my own Facebook with posts as well. Defriend me now if that sounds like an idea that sucks and you don’t want to see this in your newsfeed every day.

Hopefully I’ll have enough inspiration to pull a Jesus-style resurrection of this blog.

Until then, did you know that Star Trek is more punk rock than you?

So the makers of a hokey movie about saving the whales wrote a better punk rock song  than you could.

I know you’ve watched this movie at least once. You know what scene this is. If you don’t, go away.

What would be better, though, is if they used this song instead:

Thanks. I’m done.