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Getting your political discourse from YouTube is infuriating

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 Hey! Guess what really grinds my gears?

If you guessed “reading comments on political videos on YouTube,” you are absolutely right. I award you nothing.

Seriously though, in between reading nonsense on YouTube and arguing nonsense on other sites that I once thought were immune to the spread of dumb, I now have a clearer picture about how far and wide stupid hath spread today. Like, wow dude.

Let’s get angry together:

This is a video about reporters at FOX affiliate in Florida being stonewalled after putting together a story that reveals the health risks behind a growth hormone used in cows to produce more milk. According to the story, corporate giant Monsanto pushed the hormone through the FDA, pretty much buying everyone off so they could use this hormone on their livestock. After the story was completed, FOX’s corporate offices, under pressure from Monsanto’s lawyers, prevented the story from ever making it to air.

This video is on the frontpage of Reddit this morning, although it’s been making the rounds for some time now. The video accuses FOX of pressuring the reporters into amending their story so it doesn’t implicate Monsanto in such a harsh fashion, as well as bribing them to cease work on the story entirely. I question some aspects of said video: The video does a lot to make the viewer think that this story would be shown on FNC, the 24/7 cable news network, not WTVT, a FOX affiliate in Tampa Bay. Furthermore, even if the affiliate is directly owned by one Rupert Murdoch, does Monsanto’s threats of pulling advertising only qualify for WTVT, or News Corp. as a whole? I wonder…

Meanwhile, here’s some of the deep thoughts other YouTube users articulated:

“the closet communists commenting on this video make me sick, i wish we still had McCarthyism in the united states” –10krnr

“Monsanto = sionist company” – DailionDos

This video is fairly tame when it comes to rampant idiocy in the comment section. Let’s examine some others.

It’s common knowledge that the internet is the breeding ground for Ron Paul supporters. If you take their claims at face value, Ron Paul is actually beating Mitt Romney in the delegate count for the 2012 GOP race, or at least has a shot to. To be fair, even the Guardian has reported this. It’s pretty clear that Ron Paul is winning the battle for hearts and minds online (even though he’s a Nazi,) but doing so causes a lot of feathers to be ruffled. Just look to YouTube to see how –

“Bill O’Reilly is an American hero. Ron Paul is a terrorist.” – ju88ff

“Bill is a greasy faggot that felches his boyfriend Mitt Romney.Shoot the fucker!!!” – Warmachine05450

That’s nice.

So yeah, I get it, people are trolls, for the lulz, lolol, whatever. People also have the freedom to express themselves however they see fit. But IF there is a conspiracy to control the thoughts of the public at large, and turn us all into drooling idiots who only eat FrankenFoods and will follow our politicans off of ledges, then rhetoric like this on public websites like YouTube doesn’t help the public in not being figuratively enslaved.

Think before you type, assholes.



Zen and the art of crippling writer’s block

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I think I see the difficulty in writing a blog with the intention of updating it every day. If you were paying attention, and I forgive you if you weren’t, I didn’t update GoRA yesterday. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t try, however.

Good god I tried. With subject ranging from laughing at dumb Ron Paul fans to the awesomeness of the Beastie Boys, to trying to discern what the hell the Venus Project is, I tried to post something yesterday. But I couldn’t find anything that I found interesting enough to follow through posting.

Gratutious picture of Ginger Zee, another blog post that didn’t make the cut:

This guy REALLY likes Ginger Zee.

Anywho, that’s my problem. I’m not sure exactly what to write about. But YOU CAN HELP. Donate me your idea. Tweet me @gallonsofra. Let’s be friends. Cool thanks.

– McGirk

Obligatory post about media lunatics

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Sometimes I consider that picking on people like Birthers is a waste of time. We know they’re crazy, so why bother mentioning it? But I can’t help but feel like these kind of people need to be ridiculed. They are so completely backwards and wrong, allowing such nonsense to pass just wouldn’t be right. Isn’t that what the internet is for? To offer differing opinions, including why my opinion is that yours is trash?

Maybe that’s a cynical view of it, but the difference between people like me and people like Alex Jones is that nobody is paying me to prosthelytize and ramble. I have nothing to lose (literally) in talking about why Alex Jones sucks. And wow, does that dude suck. As long as I meet people that take this guy’s word as fact, then there’s a reason to protest and discuss what’s wrong with those views.

I’ll lay my agenda out here: I’m tired of media personalities propogating this notion that the entire world is against each and every one of us in the “99%.” We don’t live in a perfect world, and we do need to raise our voices about our concerns, because they are legitimate. But the spread of complete paranoia in regards to government is not only regressive, but it only lines the pockets of the hysteria-spreaders without doing anything productive to focus on real issues and real concerns.

And it’s not as if we don’t have a plethora of real concerns to worry about. Do those that run Fortune 500 corporations really care about what we think over what their bottom line looks like? I highly doubt it. Does the government make decisions that range from questionable to completely terrifying? I think so, yes. Hell, I’m willing to listen and consider some of the more fringe conspiracy theories. Oh yeah, Guantamo needs to be closed immediately. And Obama signed the NDAA. And the RIAA and MPAA continue to wage war on us using the internet, and because of their monetary power, some version of SOPA/PIPA is going to pop up in Congress, again and again, until they are satisfied in some way. The lobbying system in our country is destroying us, but that is a whole different post for another day.

Having said all of that, I don’t think the Illuminati running a shadow government has anything to do with anything I’ve said. In fact, spreading belief in vast global conspiracies only causes people to make choices that affect their lives with a completely misguided worldview. That’s scary shit.

What I am saying is that the idea that the entire government is out to force us into a life of servitude is ridiculous. Saying so belies a basic misunderstanding of how government works.

The U.S government is set up as a bureaucracy, which means that many, many arms have been created to administer their programs. They run into trouble with the reality of trying to coordinate each of these programs with each other. Basically, with agencies stepping on the toes of other agencies, will mistakes be made? Of course. But that’s how our system works. It’s not a conspiracy, the people that work for these agencies are not trying to make your life a living hell. That’s just how our government handles it’s business, from the local level to the national level, and you may not like standing in line at the DMV, you may not like it when the IRS goofs up in regards to your taxes, but it’s not sinister. It’s an attempt at coordinating the fairest system we know how. There’s room for corruption to enter the equation, and it has (no doubt) but it’s not a planned path to mankind’s enslavement.

In fact, I think going the Alex Jones route and blaming your problems on a world that is trying to hold you down is a way for the mind to rationalize that it is, in fact, YOU that sucks. I’m not ignoring the class divide, I know that the more wealthy social class has better opportunities than us in the middle class or lower. C’mon though, trying to say working hard and making smart decisions won’t pay off, because the government won’t let you succeed? World’s tiniest violin. My life ain’t great, people, I’m barely above the poverty line at this moment. But that’s my own fault and own challenge to overcome. Listening to someone like Alex Jones though, and I need to pick up arms and start shooting government officials, because they won’t let me leave the constructs of my own social prison. Yeah, ok. I guess I should go read the Turner Diaries and support Ron Paul while I’m at it, right?

Meanwhile, have you ever noticed that media lunatics like to cry on-air?

Just like you never trust a man not wearing a shirt:

Never trust a man willing to cry like a baby on-air. If you’re not willing to do your own research, then at least stick with that maxim.

Oh yeah, here’s a few good reasons why Alex Jones is rarely right about anything. If you think this is a bullshit attempt by “the man” or even someone unrelated to the NWO to smear the siren of truth, check out his sources, and decide for yourself.

I’m not going to bother with others. The point is to, as Alex Jones himself says, “look at the evidence and decide for yourself.” So get on that.


Anon finds evidence of Ron Paul’s ties to white supremacy

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Uh oh.

I mean, whoops.

I woke up this morning to find this in my newsfeed. Which is funny to me, because I spent the previous evening drinking with my father, yelling at each other (in a loving way, of course) about politics and how Ron Paul won’t get any sort of nomination, but maybe he could have his platform adopted in part by Romney. I think the GOP is a sham, but it was refreshing to hear Ron Paul actually vocalize some, “inconvenient truths,” particularly in regard to the right’s ever-more-jingoistic view on foreign policy.

And then I see this:

From what I’ve seen, it’s the emails that implicate Ron and Rand Paul in making plans with members of James Kelso’s neo-Nazi political party, named the American Third Position. Kelso also apparently moderate for the Nazi website Stormfront (I’m not linking to it, Google it yourself.)

But, I ask, is it legit?

Here’s the full dump

The damning quotes from Kelso’s emails:

Ron Paul will be there Fri. afternoon. Want to meet up with him?” (in an email to a “Benjamin Franklin” regarding CPAC 2010. This is CPAC.)

“I’ll message to you much more about what we’ll be doing, including going to CPAC the weekend after AmRen. We’ll be meeting with Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Bill and I got to talk with Ron tonight by phone. Much more later, Jamie” (In an email to “C.E Whiteoak about attending AmRen. )

Ouch. Unless this guy is lying, which being a scumbag racist, he could be, it’s pretty damning evidence that the Paul’s cultivate a relationship with White Supremacists.

However, I was at first skeptical, as I thought that maybe this is a calculated move to completely write off any positions Paul has taken, so there is no motive for Romney (or, god forbid, Newt) to take them up.  Maybe it is. Although the Anonymous Twitter feed makes mention of it, I can’t seem to find where they even mention Ron Paul. So who knows who actually did the hacking.

I also found this little nugget from James Kelso:

I got to meet with and talk to Jesse Ventura in both conventions. Jesse’s brand new investigative TV show just debuted to the largest-ever first night audience on that network.”

Is The Body a racist?

What I think is scary about all of this is not who is purported to share these beliefs, but the fact that such organizations are making this kind of headway into infiltrating our political system. Makes me wonder if they haven’t already been nesting with our right-wingers for quite a long time.